Asset Management

  • What is Asset Management?

    Asset Management entails all stages of planning, acquisition, use and disposal of any assets used and owned by your organisation including buildings and equipment.

    Assets should not exist in isolation from the services that they support.  The recurring question therefore to be asked is ‘What is the service need’?  Once answered, the next question is ‘What asset is needed to support the service’?

  • What are the Benefits?

    • Buildings and equipment that support services and outputs
    • Lower capital and maintenance costs
    • Reduced holding costs
    • More sustainable development
    • More effective allocation of scarce resources
    • Life cycle costings considered and optimised
    • Improved accountability and monitoring
    • Benchmarks established and performance reported
    • Minimised risk of asset failure, obsolescence, regulatory compliance, etc
  • Our Services

    • Preparing five to ten year asset plans and budgets
    • Undertaking needs analyses and economic appraisals
    • Conducting condition, compliance and function assessments
    • Establishing reporting and accountability arrangements
    • Authoring guidelines and manuals

Asset Investment

  • What is Asset Investment?

    Asset investment involves the provision of a new building or equipment to support a service need or opportunity.  A series of interrelated steps are followed from the inception of an initiative through its evaluation, approval and implementation.  These steps are applicable regardless of an investment’s size, cost, or complexity.

  • What are the Benefits?

    • Buildings and equipment that support services and outputs
    • Ranked initiatives and identified funding priorities
    • Innovation
    • Projects delivered on time and budget
  • What are our Services?

    • Undertaking feasibility studies
    • Preparing business cases
    • Preparing funding submissions
    • Developing five to ten year asset investment plans
    • Preparing tender documentation and running tender processes
    • Administering individual contracts
    • Establishing project and program recording, monitoring and reporting arrangements

Strategic Planning

  • What is Strategic Planning?

    The key to meaningful and practical strategic planning is to understand the direction an organisation intends to take; aligning its resources with that direction; and identifying the actions required for its achievement.

  • What are the Benefits?

    • Improved decision making
    • Better focus on outputs and results
    • Alignment of resources with priorities
    • Better solutions
    • Greater engagement of staff
  • What are our Services?

    • Facilitating planning workshops
    • Consulting with stakeholders
    • Preparing corporate, business and strategic plans
    • Coordinating policy development, publication, and implementation
    • Establishing corporate governance arrangements
    • Conducting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) analyses

Evaluation and Review

  • What is Evaluation & Review?

    The systemic evaluation and review of existing projects, programs, and work already completed are vital components of performance improvement.  Through the evaluation and review process, assessments can be made about the achievement of goals and outputs.  Informed decisions can then be made about whether to continue and whether any adjustments are necessary, particularly in terms of resources and funding.

    The evaluation and review process should be closely aligned with the establishment and refinement of corporate and business plans.

  • What are the Benefits?

    • Resources and funding align with performance goals
    • Waste and inefficient practices are highlighted
    • Resources are applied to maximum effect
    • Costs and risks are reduced
  • What are our Services?

    • Evaluating projects, programs and policies
    • Establishing and referencing applicable benchmarks
    • Undertaking organisational reviews and change management
    • Undertaking efficiency and effectiveness reviews


  • What is Probity?

    The public sector has special requirements to ensure that its organisational and commercial processes and practices are fair, transparent and equitable.

  • What are the Benefits?

    • Enhanced competition given suppliers are confident in the processes and practices
    • Value for money outcomes that are soundly based and fair to all participants
    • Reduced reputation risk
    • Fewer complaints and more straight forward feedback sessions
  • What are our Services?

    • Establishing procurement arrangements for construction and non-construction goods and services
    • Preparing and administering probity principles and practices
    • Advising on and monitoring procurement risks
    • Preparing corporate governance structures
    • Advising on legislation and regulations

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • What is ADR?

    Alternative dispute resolution covers processes that assist parties resolve disagreements without going to court.  The processes typically involve a neutral third party, such as a mediator.  With the assistance of the mediator, parties are encouraged to identify the issues in dispute and to develop options and possible solutions.  The mediator does not provide personal views or advice but rather encourages and assists the parties find a mutually acceptable outcome.

    Alternative dispute resolution can occur voluntarily or be the subject of a court order or a contractual requirement.

  • What are the Benefits?

    • Reduced time and cost to resolve the dispute
    • Greater control by the parties over the issues raised and the agreement reached
    • Enhanced flexibility of the options considered and the solutions proposed
    • Greater likelihood that relationships are maintained
    • Less emphasis on winning and losing
    • Reduced stress compared with going to court
  • What are our Services?

    • Facilitating dispute resolution through nationally accredited mediators

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